Are You Spending Too Much On Rent?

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Overspending on rent?  Think Again

Living on rent makes sense when the duration of your stay in a city is not sure. But when you are certain of settling your future in a particular city then why don’t you convert your monthly rentals into EMIs of a luxurious residential apartment? Trust me that will be a more viable option.

Overspending on rent
Overspending on rent

If you are ready to buy an apartment then investing in Puranik Future City Neral  and Godrej Kharghar will be an ideal one. This residential space in Mumbai is inexpensive and expansive enough to cater to your requirements. The decision of buying a house is a difficult choice to make. Therefore, to crease out your dwindling situation we have come up with some pros and cons accompanying ownership of a house and living on rent.

Puranik Future City Neral
Puranik Future City Neral


Knowing how much you can afford is essential

Owning an apartment leads to potential growth in your personal wealth and gives a sense of security and equity. Prices and value of property keep appreciating over time. So, at a later date when you decide to sell your home, it will fetch you a huge profit off that sale. The option of buying to rent can also be put towards a home loan. Ownership of a house gives you full freedom to decorate and make alterations in your house as per your wish. Nobody can restrict your control over your property. You can make décor changes, renovations and landscaping to suit your needs and style. The best part is Ownership of a house gives you an opportunity to save money through tax deductions related to the properties generating incomes. Though paying taxes is a sign of good citizen, but still many are there who don’t want to give away their hard-earned money like that.

Godrej Kharghar
Godrej Kharghar

With so many benefits owners of a house are followed by some negatives too. Owners of a house have to face the difficulty of increased financial burden in terms of new responsibilities and additional cost associated. Also, it restricts the flexibility of owners of moving to different places. Similarly, the advantages and disadvantages of ownership of a house become the drawbacks and gains in case of living in a rented house.

Like, staying in a rented property gives flexibility. Unlike the Home-owners, tenants do not have to struggle before moving out of their houses and there is no extra financial burden on tenants apart from paying rent. In the same way, staying in a rented property, restrict your freedom to use or renovate the property as per your wish. A tenant has to comply with the rules of the lease agreement and there is no return on investment or wealth creation in renting. Lastly but really important is that Inflation directly affects the annual rents to be paid. Thus, there is increased burden due to fluctuation in the financial market.

Puranik City Neral Mumbai |
Puranik City Neral Mumbai

Now, it totally depends on you…

The decision of owning a house should not be made in haste. Take your time and finalize your call. if you are sure to get indulged in buying a home, start saving towards your home loan. Because, no other option would be better than Puranik Future City Neral, Mumbai.

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