A Quick Guide to Choose A Ready to Move in Vs Under-Construction House

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      Now Bangalore has become a prime hot-spot for diverse real estate property developments. Bren Northern Lights by Bren Corporation is one such project that is strategically located near Jakkur Lake off Airport road in Bangalore. Bangalore, over the years has attracted realtors and residents for obvious reasons. The city enjoys impeccable weather conditions throughout the year and provided exciting employment opportunities in the IT sector. Known as the garden city, Bangalore has proved to enjoy wide green covers of land that benefits the ecological factor. Bren Northern Lights comprises of architecture marvels so residents can enjoy flawless views of landscaped gardens scattered around the project. The connectivity from the project care of as there are numerous schools, colleges and medical institutions in close proximity. This even contributes to the overall credibility of the project. There are reputed IT tech parks in close vicinity so potential investors wouldn’t find it tough to look for potential tenants. Rest assured, residents who plan on partnering with Bren Northern Lights are in for a smooth ride resulting in a secured future.

      Ready-to-move-in projects Vs. Under construction projects

      Ready to move vs under construction house

      Ready to move vs under construction propertyAs a first-time home owner, residents are often puzzled whether to invest in ready to move project as opposed to under construction projects. Bangalore has noticed a trend where residents are gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. Bren Northern Lights has seized on this glorious opportunity and have devised impeccable amenities that are in line with business standards and customer expectations. There are advantages and disadvantages for ready to move in projects as well as projects that are under construction. Residents should be careful enough to analyze their priorities and invest accordingly. Financial advisers present at the site at all times are committed to meet the clients and offer them the best possible investment option.

      Rate of Development

      This plays a major role in influencing or impacting customer purchase decision. Residents should be smart enough to realize that there are long-term benefits when they consider investing in under construction projects. In case of ready to move in projects, there is a gamble because residents wouldn’t be able to gauge overall property developments. In case of under construction projects, residents can visit the site and estimate overall development of the site from the conceptualization phase until completion.

      Locating prospective tenants in case of ready to move in projects

      This is a crucial aspect for potential investors who seek property investment options. In case of ready to move in projects, residents can have the advantage of looking for tenants based on their requirement. Bren Northern Lights Bangalore is in close proximity to giant IT tech parks that has almost 20% of Bangalore’s IT population. In this case, investors don’t have to worry much as IT professionals will be on the look out for investment options. On the contrary, under construction projects give no guarantee that it would pan out to be profitable. Investors cannot afford that risk of looking for tenants in the longer run which may lead to an unforeseeable future.
      Eco-friendly benefits at Under construction projects

      Locating Prospective investment

      Every resident who looks for property investments look for further out locations so they get away from the pollution and the commotion in the city. In case of under construction projects, residents can be present at the site, have a clear thought process and decide based on surrounding environment conditions whereas for ready to move in projects, residents do not have a choice.
      With Bren Northern Lights, residents can come to the site, have a look and study the surroundings, consult with in-house architects and then decide which is always an added advantage.Have  a look at the video to know more.

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