Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines for designing bathrooms and toilets

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      A larger part of Indian mortgage holders favor Vastu-consistent homes, in light of the conviction that it will guarantee positive vitality inside the home. Indeed, even the individuals who are not specific about after Vastu Shastra standards, concur that it might be simpler to sell a home in the auxiliary market, in the event that it is Vastu-consistent and without any doshas. Vastu Shastra has rules for each room in your home – the bearing of the rooms, hues that can be utilized, approaches to address absconds, assuming any, and so forth. In this article, we see how to make your shower and wash space Vastu consistent.

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      For what reason should restrooms be Vastu consistent?

      Most families put a lot of vitality and exertion, in planning and redesigning their living space. The thinking behind this, is the drawing room and corridor are the territories that your visitors see and thus, it ought to be satisfactory. In any case, property holders need to give equivalent significance to each room, in light of the fact that each space can be shaped to transmit positive vitality. Washrooms and latrines are regularly the most disregarded spaces. It is impulsive to leave a much-frequented space neglected. A restroom/latrine space that isn’t Vastu-consistent, can prompt money related issues or loss of riches or even medical problems for relatives, stress or even minor mishaps. On the off chance that you are hoping to build or rebuild your restroom or amend the Vastu of the washroom, here are a few hints in any case:

      Restroom bearing according to Vastu

      The restroom must be in the north or north-west part of your home. Try not to construct the shower region in the south bearing or even in the south-east or south-west heading, as it is said to negatively affect the soundness of the individuals in the house.

      Vastu for restroom utilities and apparatuses

      Mirrors in the restroom ought to be set up on the northern or eastern mass of the washroom.

      Electrical fittings, for example, springs, can be put in the south-east side.

      Fumes fans, or on the off chance that you have a window for ventilation, must face the east or north-east course.

      Washbasins ought to be in the east, north or north-east piece of the restroom.

      The shower ought to likewise be situated in the east, north or north-east part.

      Vastu for washroom entryways

      Washroom entryways ought to be the north or east way.

      Utilize a wooden entryway and maintain a strategic distance from metal entryways. Maintain a strategic distance from resplendent sculptures of divine beings and goddesses on the washroom entryways.

      Restroom entryways ought to be kept shut consistently, as it is said that leaving it open could let pessimistic vitality overrun into your own connections.

      Vastu hues for washroom

      Select light hues for the washroom, for example, beige and cream. Maintain a strategic distance from dark and dull blue.

      Divider imparting to the washroom

      Guarantee that the washroom doesn’t impart its divider to your room or your kitchen or blessed spots like the pooja room. Beds ought not be put near the restroom or latrine space.

      Vastu for washroom waste

      Water outlets and waste must be in the north, east or north-east and the slant of the restroom ought to be a similar way.

      Vastu for joined and separate restrooms

      In a perfect world, latrines and restrooms ought not be connected, according to Vastu Shastra. Nonetheless, because of space crunch, most urban homes can’t bear the cost of such an office. Hence, connected restrooms are mainstream and broadly utilized.

      Vastu rules for washroom with appended latrine

      Arrangement of cabinet or water storeroom

      This ought not be above or under a pooja room or even a fire or bed space. It ought to be adjusted in the north-south pivot.

      Situation of latrine

      Abstain from introducing the latrine in the middle or even in the north east or south-west corner of your home.

      Situation of septic tank

      Septic tanks ought not be on the south side of the latrine. Its best area is towards the west side of the house.

      Position of latrine

      An appended latrine ought not be in the south-east or south-west side.

      Situation of taps and water stockpiling

      Try not to place taps in the south-west or south-east. Additionally, don’t store water toward this path.

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      In the event that you experience the standards for development of a restroom and latrine space inside your home, you will comprehend that the Vastu Shastra isn’t just about guaranteeing positive vitality inside your family unit however adhering to these principles will likewise assist you with keeping your space clean and utilitarian consistently.

      Vastu and phase of development

      It is smarter to consolidate Vastu components, right when you start the development. It might be hard to consolidate changes once the house is prepared for ownership, complete with all the pipelines, appropriately organized racks and the heading of the washbasins, baths, and so on., effectively fixed. This may even bring about a negative effect subsequent to setting in.

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