What Is REIT And How Does One Avail Profitable Returns Through REIT?

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      How would one quality to invest in REIT?

      Investing in REIT’s is even more profitable than investing in individual properties as there is guarantee that one could expect returns in the future. However, as far as property developers are concerned, there are norms to follow if a builder needs to list his property/properties with REIT. The corporation can be entitled to invest with REIT only if they get more than 80% of their revenues in the form of real estate property investments. The company who is willing to invest with REIT’s should hold asset which should be valued at 500 crores or more and 90% if the revenues that are generated while they invest with REIT’s should be distributed as a statutory dividend among the investors associated with different properties.

      Real Estate Investment Trust
      Real Estate Investment Trust


      What are the benefits of investing in REIT’s instead of directly investing in properties?

      One of the most credible advantage of investing in REIT is that real estate corporations can get rid of their excess inventory to get rid of extra stock that has piled up over due course of time. Investors are sure to get profitable returns as they would have multiple choices at bay to choose from and if an individual owns multiple properties that value over a certain amount, they can invest with REIT’s so they can benefit from others who plan to buy their properties. Another fascinating part about REIT’s is that investors can value their asset listed at various junctures. For instance, if a corporation need to know the value of their property 6 months for now, they could do so. This helps them in knowing the exact value appreciation of their property to devise strategies for a profitable future.

      Looking For Real Estate Investment At Mumbai?

      Property investments are sure to provide formidable returns in the long run. Being the most coveted form of investments, residents are seizing profitable opportunities for a secured future. India has observed a clear change in trend where people are transitioning from living as tenants to real time home owners. Puranik Future City by Puranik builders is one unique project that is strategically located at Neral in Mumbai. The project comprises of high-rise architectural marvels so residents can enjoy stunning views of landscaped gardens surrounding the project. Surrounded by the hills of Matheran and Bhimashankar, residents are sure to soak in every eco-friendly benefit provided at the project. To make things customer-centric in nature, potential investors are called to the site for periodic visits to experience the amenities and floor plans and have an entire tour of the property at various stages of development. This in turn establishes long-standing relationships with key clients for formidable business prospects in the future. For the past 5-8 years, the real estate market all over the country is been on a down-low. The sole reason being residents not able to effectively contribute to the rising demands and expectations that are set in the initial stages. This is the sole reason investors should consult real estate advisers before they decide on a property investment decision. It is always beneficial to partner with established realtors as opposed to real estate brokers and budding property developers. With the introduction of government-oriented regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST, the demand for affordable homes has increased significantly. Realtors are now busy devising strategies on how to sell their excess inventories that was priced higher before the rules were put forward by the government. REIT (Real estate investment trust) is one such corporation that is sure to aid property developers when it comes to getting more returns by listing their properties for prolonged returns in the future. It works like the concept of mutual funds where realtors can effectively list their properties under REIT. What happens next is that, investors who buy properties from REIT and benefited in one way and individual property developers get the returns from such organizations who collect sufficient funds from residents who are looking for investment options.



      Investors in Mumbai on an all time high with probable introduction of REIT’s

      Mumbai, renowned as the financial capital of India has attractive residents and realtors for obvious reasons. The city provides diverse alternatives to realtors to come up with their individual projects and employs in great numbers. With the probable introduction of REIT’s, Mumbai can generate extra revenue for additional social infrastructure development and realtors could come up with affordable housing options for probable investors.

      Puranik Future City
      Puranik Future City

      To conclude, with REIT’s at the helm of things, residents who are willing to partner with Puranik Future City Located At Neral are sure to guide through their lives with effortless ease.


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