Why Site Visit is an important part while buying/investing in Residential Property

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What is Site Visit in response to Real Estate Properties?

Real estate property is the major talk of the town. It a hefty investment process which includes both money and time. Moreover, this properties gives a good ROI if they choose properly. Nowadays there are various real estate developers namely, Prestige Groups, Shriram Properties, and many more who are coming up rapidly, with good architectural structure and superficial buildings. Whether it belongs to residential properties, commercial properties or industrial properties a proper site visit is important to inspect the hidden elements. Site visit generally means an essential and unique step in the accreditation process. Conducting a site visit on a residential property during an accreditation review is one of several mechanisms used by the CAA to determine a program’s compliance with the Standards for Accreditation.

Property View
Property View

Process for Site Visit for Residential Properties

The process for the site visit is really crucial and need to be followed with the complete guideline. Needless to say, there are various property developers who indulge in the free site visit. Mention can be named for Shriram Blue by Shriram Properties. Needless to say, genuine properties developers will surely follow the steps involved for inspection as they don’t want to put their name into any kind of brawl that might resist them to commence their property development to a halt.
Enquire and know about the legal documents which the builder has and know if they have the right to possess and develop the land.

Things to note down while visiting the site.

1. Know if the builder arranges the home loans from the banks and helps in processing it.

2. Analyze the quality of construction involved like the material used in construction for the stability and know about
the durability of the building.

3. Amenities should be delivered to the customers as agreed. Compare the amenities delivered in the project as per
the assured plan.

4. Know about the amenities that are included in the cost of property and other amenities which are chargeable.

5. Analyze the open space and the ventilation received by each unit of the property for the comfortable stay.

6. Explore the neighborhood and know about the location and locality. Discover the connectivity to various places
and the feasibility of the civic amenities and public transportation for better reach.

7. See if there is no deviation from the plan and is built according to the blueprint.

8. Know if the project has approvals from various government authorities and is fit to invest in.

9. Investigate the sanitary fittings and electrical connections being done.

So, in the end, it can be concluded that the site visit is an important activity from the part of both clients and sellers as this helps to give the client a good insight of the properties in respect to materials, amenities, and specifications with features that they can’t see anywhere. Moreover, with the site visit, the relationship between seller and customer tends to get nourish.

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